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anthonygeo 07-29-13 11:38 AM

Brake Levers
What you all think about the eBay/Amazon $20 brakes vs pricier ones? If I go SS on my bike build I'd like a better component unless it just isn't a major difference in brands/stopping power.

cobba 07-29-13 09:41 PM

Links to the brakes or brake levers might be of some use.

anthonygeo 07-30-13 05:06 AM

Brake Levers
Well I bought some these last year for a beater MTB and they work fine maybe have a little wobble (up and down).
Pyramid Economy Mountain Bike Brake Lever Pair

I was planning to get these but the price diff doesn't seem like much.
Shimano BL-M590 Deore V-brake Lever Set, Black

cobba 07-30-13 05:32 AM

These levers get good reviews.

anthonygeo 07-30-13 05:58 AM

Brake Levers
You have them?

cobba 07-31-13 06:14 PM

Nope but plenty of people use them.

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