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Old 12-02-13, 06:20 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by Murray Missile View Post
I realize this thread is a little old but since it is hunting season.... My cousins and I had a scare about 15 years ago riding an old mud road. We crested a steep hill and there is a guy and his 2 kids in the middle of the road each with a .22 rifle and one of the kids has his shouldered ready to shoot a squirrel in a tree behind us. His dad yells at him to hold up and apologizes to us, the kid tells us we shouldn't be riding without blaze orange during hunting season or we could get shot and gives us a whole bunch of attitude doing it. Ironically none of them were wearing orange. I stopped the bike and informed him that it is illegal to hunt from the road and HE could get arrested and his gun confiscated. Dad tells me a co-worker had told him it's a private road, I told Dad that while it was pretty much only used by locals with 4X4's it was still an active township road and if he had any doubt I could give him the road commissioner's name and number. Dad got an "Oh crap" look on his face, told the boys to unload their rifles and to head back to the car. He then thanked me for letting him know as he didn't want to do anything illegal. My guess is that as soon as we were out of sight the hunt continued as they never passed us and they were NOT getting through the other end in a 2WD car.
Those of us who are responsible hunters believe that any hunter that fails to follow necessary safety rules or hunting laws are no different from outright poachers and they should be reported and prosecuted.

However, never argue with a an armed person who appears to be breaking the law. Safely extract yourself from the situation, and notify the authorities.
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Out here it's Elk , we have a set of fork like rifle carrying clamp onto the handlebars fittings in the LBS.

one additional Use of a BoB trailer is haul out quarters . there are Elk trailers the size of a camp Cot.
for whole carcass transport.

Yea might be a good idea to use the Orange stuff to wear if you plan to ride single-track in hunting season.

Its not so much popular biking trails as logging roads to haul out the trees

to get back into the stump/plantation-forest

Belgian Ardennes on a Bike tour I camped right near the highway thinking
if they were is hunting the firing across the highway , at the bottom of a valley
would be bad form in hunt safety..

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Hunters don't have a patent on rude or dangerous behavior.

There is a 500 acre parcel of land about 10 minutes from my home that is owned by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and serves primarily as a Public Hunting Area. It is supposed to be "walk in only" and signage at the parking area clearly indicates that it is a Public Hunting Area and is walk-in only. The regulations state that the area is closed to non-hunting activities during the 14 day long general firearms deer season. Those same regulations stipulate that blaze orange must be worn by everyone using the area during the general firearms deer season. They go on to state that all users need to have a valid Oklahoma hunting or fishing license on their person to use the property, whether for consumptive or non consumptive use.

In the five years that I hunted on that land, I had numerous bad encounters with mountain bikers who apparently are too self-important to believe that they need to yield to hikers. I've literally been nearly run over by mountain bikers there on multiple occasions. I actually had one run me down the last time I went deer hunting there.

I was walking down a steep hill on the narrow main single-track hiking trail. I never heard the cyclist who hit me. He must have been making full use of his full-suspension mount, though, because it was like being hit with a motorcycle. He never asked me if I was okay, or apologized for hitting me. He seemed to have the attitude that it was my fault he ran over me and knocked me down. I tore my jeans on a rock, had a few scrapes, but was otherwise okay. I had an unloaded Marlin 336 rifle in my hands that I've had since my 12th Birthday and never put a scratch on in 36 years of use and it was likewise unscathed. That was the final straw for me. I still hike there, but I doubt if I'll hunt there anymore.

I'm not supposed to be there? It is a public hunting area. The money used to pay for that land came from hunting and fishing license revenue and through a tax on sporting arms and ammunition. But I'm not supposed to be there?

According to the mountian biker who hit me, I shouldn't have been. Since I'm a hunter, apparently running me over was an okay thing to do. He told me he was glad he ran me over! I wonder if he has visions of mowing down the rancher who raises cattle, or the folks as the feed lot who fatten them up, or the people who work in the slaughterhouse, or the butcher at the local supermarket. Somehow, I doubt it. But if he eats meat, the main difference between me and him is I like at least some of mine to be free-range and not infused with hormones and chemicals, and while I don't really enjoy the killing part, I don't need to pawn that off on someone else in order to obtain meat.

In addition to hunting, I'm also a fly fisher, hiker, wildlife photographer, equestrian at times, and I've been an avid mountain biker since Specialized came out with the Stumpjumper. I don't have a problem with sharing wildland with non-hunters, even during the hunting season. What I do have a problem with is rude and unsafe behavior. Hunters don't have a patent on that. I've seen plenty of mountain bikers who could use a refresher course in backcountry courtesy and compassion for their fellow man, and what "Tread Lightly" means.

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Japanamount, I am saddened to hear about your "Run-In" with a member of the fat tire crowd. That rider violates I think is part of the mountain bike experience. My vote is to sentence that rider to riding a 60's Schwinn Stingray on trails for two years.

I have been a hunter my whole life, but have never been a thrill of the kill hunter or fisherman. My attitude is more in line with the old Australian movie, The Earthling. All life is valuable and to be appreciated.
I think its disgusting and terrible how people treat Lance Armstrong, especially after winning 7 Tour de France Titles while on drugs!

I can't even find my bike when I'm on drugs. -Willie N.
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Originally Posted by Daspydyr View Post

Of course deer riding a bike during hunting season is always a dangerous risk! Don't let deer ride bikes during hunting season!
No helmet!
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The Allegrippis Trails close down for turkey and I believe rifle deer seasons. I think it's a good idea. A little annoying but they have as much right to the trails as we do.
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deer season is over today, I've been staying out of the woods on Saturdays for that. The people that are hunting other animals can get over it if I'm in the woods from now on.
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If you cant beat em, join em. Me and my buds (sic) sometimes go hunting on mtbs. Ride in, stalk around, ride out. Most often it's bow hunting but we'll also do rifles or handguns. Getting game out on the bike can be a challenge, depending on the size of it. A Bob Yak trailer can help, though there are no yaks were we hunt.
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I thought I had mentioned this prior to this in the thread, but when I rode the length of the pine creek rail trail in central Pennsylvania, there were a lot of hunters riding bikes. Maybe a few more walking the trail, I don't remember the exact numbers. That was turkey season, I think. Not sure how well a bike would go with deer season.
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Just went out to Stewart SF for the first time without a gun since the start of rifle season. Well without a long gun. Great snowshoeing with a full moon or close to it.
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This dude's got it down good. BOB trailer FTW.


Originally Posted by Mark Twain
"Don't argue with stupid people; they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."
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