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RoadTire 12-08-13 01:11 PM

Is $80 for this Giant Butte, good, fair, or bad deal?
It's a clean looking bike, with quick release (deal maker / breaker). I'm shopping TODAY and need a little feedback. Thanks.

Looking for a cheap winter bike just for fun.

SmallFront 12-08-13 01:15 PM

$80 bucks is really not a lot if you can use the bike all winter. Hell, buying tyres might cost that alone.

phoebeisis 12-08-13 01:20 PM

Buy it immediately.
Needs nothing? Brakes work tires hold air-cables OKish?
CROMO frame $80.

For this bike
$50 stealing it-someone already beat you to it
$80 good deal-buy it right away
$110 ok DEAL- it would sell
$150 a bit high-will take forever to sell(but pretty paint?

rebel1916 12-08-13 01:24 PM

Hahaha, Giant Butte. Get it?

RoadTire 12-08-13 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by rebel1916 (Post 16312192)
Hahaha, Giant Butte. Get it?

Ya, got it. Heh. There's one in every thread. This time it's not me. So there.

And thanks guys for spending my money. 29 1/2 in standover, just enough not to hurt much if I land on both my feet and the bar. Glad my winter shoes are a good 1/2 in taller than summer shoes. I'm going to look it over in a couple hours, then go to the Free Bikes for Kids volunteer appreciation party, and home about 10 PM. Hope my wife let's me back in the house.

LesterOfPuppets 12-08-13 05:26 PM

Looks to be in good shape in the pics. Dunno what to think about the noseless saddle, I'd probably want to replace that, personally.

phoebe's quotes are a tad high for my market. You'd have to post that for MONTHS to sell @ $110.

I'd offer $50, see what they say. Maybe y'all can agree on $60? If not then keep an eye on it, offer $50 a week later, as it'll likely still be up.

RoadTire 12-09-13 09:30 PM

I picked up the bike, looked like the guy needed the money more than I so I didn't try to get a better deal. Long story, they had to leave the house, so left the bike in an unlocked breezeway, with tools and a really nice note, then called me just a bit after I arrived. They actually apologiezed for wasteing my time if I didn't like the bike. It was getting dark and in the single digits cold so I left the cash in the lock box and took the bike. Tires are shot; actually have tubes bulging out holes in the sidewalls and some of the frame by the dropouts had rust so someone put whiteout to cover it. Funny thing though, the area by the front chainring and other areas the paint is pretine. And some spot touch up with more white out. Wierd.

I like the looks of the frame, have a pair of 1.95 tires, a flat bar, and seat for free today, the shifters will need to be un-gummed. (like, they are stiff and gummy) BB seems good and the rims are as true as I can tell w/o putting them on a stand. Bearings are smooth. Cogs and chainring and chain are clean.

Daspydyr 12-10-13 05:17 PM

Dang, those blue reflectors are worth $80. alone!

RoadTire 12-10-13 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by Daspydyr (Post 16319114)
Dang, those blue reflectors are worth $80. alone!

Passive Light Amplification technology. Reflects 200% more light back than hits the target. I was wondering if anyone would notice...

RoadTire 12-11-13 09:17 PM

I disassembled the bottom bracket, headset and wheel bearings tonight. The are actually very smooth. All is in very good condition just that the grease had become almost like dirty paraffin. No rust in the fame by the bottom bracket and doesn't appear to be any inside the steering tobe. Fixed the front shifter - it was all gummed up and a spring seemed to have jumped off its hooks. Massive cleaning and then Eezox to lube and the dogs finally engage the ratchet gear.

RoadTire 04-06-14 04:40 AM

I've had a blast this winter on my Giant!. Rode the snow trails and lake a few times, and a couple times this spring waiting for the roads to clear for my road bike. Turns out I haven't seen a better deal yet (low price good shape) on CL. I kept buying tires at about $5 on CL so tried a few different ones just for fun, and gave most of them to a bike charity. Surrisingly good tires for virtually nothing on CL this winter. Now I"m looking forward to a bit of singletrack this summer.

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