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Bandrada 12-18-13 04:57 PM

What do McDonalds and IMBA have in common?
Feeding the masses!

Dannihilator 12-18-13 08:06 PM

I think standardization of trails is just wrong.

Bandrada 12-18-13 08:19 PM

I harp on IMBA a lot. Probably more than I should. I hear they have done some really good things in some other communities. I just don't think they are qualified to speak on the behalf of the community as a whole.

Daspydyr 12-19-13 01:33 PM

I just re-upped with IMBA and Southern NV MBA. They have done a ton of trail building around here. Specifically in the Red Rocks Canyon area. Possibly because it is a remote location it has all been work by hand. By next spring there will be 25 miles of single track that will connect the Red Rocks system with the Cottonwood Canyon/Blue Diamond area.

I can see the point about generic trails when you have earth moving eqt cutting a 5' wide swath through the area. That is what the city of Henderson did in building the McCullough trail system. And then BLM started handing out $400. tickets to MTBers who didn't stick to the "Authorized Trails." It was a real playground for decades where fat tire people would just get a wild hair and decide to build something from this rut here to that Muffin shaped rock over there. Those were 6" wide adventures. I guess those days are gone.

BUT HEY, I get a free pair of socks for keeping active with IMBA!

Bandrada 12-19-13 08:42 PM

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I like sox as much as the next guy, but...

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