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rumrunn6 12-23-13 11:05 AM

4 mountain bikers missing in California mountains

ALTADENA, Calif. (AP) - Los Angeles County authorities are searching for four mountain bikers who went missing over the weekend in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The men began their ride Sunday morning near Mount Wilson in the Angeles National Forest but failed to return in the afternoon as planned. Family members found their cars at a parking area popular with cyclists.

Sheriff's Sgt. David Shoemaker tells City News Service that the four - cousins between the ages of 28 and 38 - had no phone contact and weren't dressed for a cold night. Temperatures dropped into the 40s overnight.

An overnight ground and air search for the men was halted at around 4 a.m. Monday but authorities planned to resume it at daylight.

Simon Cowbell 12-24-13 02:44 PM

They were found the next morning in the Bear Canyon CG. Way off-route, they'd built a huge fire and waited out the night.

Been there, done that. Burned the T-shirt.

rumrunn6 12-24-13 10:54 PM

Merry Christmas to them, huh?

Looigi 12-25-13 08:13 AM

In some sense, I admire people like this. I'm way more cautious in planning, navigating and keeping track of where I am, perhaps overly so.

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