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slowride454 12-23-13 12:45 PM

slipping stem
I rode to work today in the snow. This is the first time I've ridden in temps below 20F and snow. My stem has been torqued to spec and I rechecked it, but it keeps spinning on the steerer tube. It is a Bonty XXX carbon stem on a steel steerer tube. What can I do to make it stop. I don't want to over tighten the bolts and strip the threads or crack the stem. Can I just add a little Loctite to the stem/steerer interface? It is a little scary when even a small snow drift makes the handlebars go off center.

JerrySTL 12-23-13 12:52 PM

Not Loctite. Instead get some TACX Carbon Prep (AKA Tacx Dynamic Carbon Bicycle Assembly Compound).

Great stuff for carbon parts. Stopped my seat post from sliding down.

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