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northwood 12-24-13 08:30 AM

Maxle Issues
Alright, I have been going back and forth with the LBS for 4-5 months now. Rock Shox (SRAM) has changed up the maxle design. It started coming loose at the end of rough rides, really rocky areas. I had the maxle warrantied out to the new style. Still came loose on rough rides. Especially fast downhills. Then we (we being the LBS) warrantied out the fork tubes thinking it was that. And no, it didn't work either. The LBS said try a different wheel, so I took my wheel off my SS (a white industries hub) and threw it on there. Still came loose. Then I cleaned off all my grease on the axle (I was using Mobil 1 synthetic bearing grease), shoved it in the fork dry and blue loctited the threads. Still came loose!!!

Anyone else have this issue?

This is a 2011 Trek Rumblefish with Rock Shox Reba forks and Sun Ringle Charger Pro wheelsets.

scrublover 12-27-13 12:18 AM

Two options.

1. Something is out of spec with...something. Since you've tried new fork lowers and a new Maxle, it seems as if it could only be your hub. See if you can get ahold of another wheel to throw in there for a ride and see what happens.

2. You're doing something wrong on install. Preload on the system too loose, or just not doing the thing up tightly enough.

I've had multiple Maxle equipped forks over the years since its introduction, never had any issue with any loosening on a variety of fork/hub combinations.

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