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The_Mickstar 12-26-13 04:29 PM

Which is the better value (comparing components)?
I'm trying to compare the Trek Superfly 8 to the Superfly 7.

The big differences are that the Superfly 8 has...

Fork: Fox Evolution Series 32 Float w/ CTD, 15QR

Crank: Shimano SLX

Brakes: Shimano SLX

...while the Superfly 7 has...

Fork: RockShox Reba RL w/ Solo Air, Motion Control remote, 15 Maxle

Crank: FSA F2000

Brakes: Shimano M615

I've read some not so great reviews of the Fox CTD system. Mostly with regards to the D (Descend) setting being so soft as to not really be useable. And I kinda like the fact that the Reba RL comes with a bar-mounted remote lock-out. So, not having ridden either, I'm currently thinking that the Fox is not an upgrade, despite the MSRP difference. Thoughts?

I'm confident in Shimano cranks, having ridden a bunch. I can't find much info on the FSA F2000 crank, though. Has anyone used this crank? Thoughts, expecially as compared to the SLX? Performance, weight, etc...

Thoughts on how the two brakes compare? Since the SLX are a level "up" from the M615, I assume they're a bit lighter. But functionally, is there a noticeable difference? Does one require more service, maintenance, adjustment than the other?

The smaller differences between the two bikes are the front derailleur, stem, and grips. The Superfly 8 has...

FD: Shimano SLX

Stem: Bontrager Race X Lite

Grips: Bontrager Race Lite Lock-On

...while the Superfly 7 has...


Stem Bontrager Race Lite

Grips: Bontrager Race

I'm not too concerned about any of these. The stems are only ~5g difference in weight, and I'll probably swap the grips for Ergons, anyway. Is the SLX front derailleur really a performance upgrade over the SRAM X7?

Thanks for any help.

jimc101 12-27-13 04:40 AM

For the brakes, Deore (M615) vs SLX, SLX are better (has more adjustment), but they are both very good brakes

For the cranks, the Shimano should shift better, nothing wrong with the FSA.

For the forks, the CTD issues were for the 2013 series, on the basis that he bikes you are looking at are 2014 (as we are well into that model year) would go for the Fox over Rock Shox.

For the FD, this will also affect the shifters, see which you like the feel of more.

konasd 12-28-13 09:31 AM

stem,grips,and front derailleur are easy to upgrade and not big worries. on the other parts you cant go wrong with slx components. there light,durable and time tested.the forks are all about personal preference, ask 100 people what they think about a set and you will get 99 different answers. do a side by side comparison of the two and decide which will fit your needs better. i personally would take the fox over rockshox. from my experience fox makes a better xc/all mountain fork while rockshox is better in downhill/freeride.

garciawork 12-28-13 10:48 AM

I agree with those above, I would prefer the Fox over Rockshox any day. I have had some bad experiences with Rockshox... I also prefer shimano to FSA for cranks, and Shimano v SRAM for shifting. I'd go with the 8 myself.

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