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tektonikshift 01-06-14 07:03 PM

Stumpjumper size 17.5" Vs 19" for 5'11" rider
I am 5' 11'' and riding a 19inch 1996 Stumpjumper FS (hardtail).
The bike fits me great and rides well.

Looking at updating to 2007 - 2011 Stumpjumper hardtail, 26" wheels.
Should I stick to 19inch or 'Large' Stumpjumper ?? Or should I consider 17.5inch 'medium' Stumpjumper (for more aggressive stance ) ?

Reason I ask, lots has changed in plus 10 years.

I do mostly cross country (single track, fireroads) and I am old school when it comes to cycling. It's all about the rider, a good fit and reasonably light bike.

Appreciate any direction from other Stumpjumper riders who made similar upgrades over the years.


Natronious 01-06-14 07:27 PM

ya got stubby arms? no aint 17 then

Ldosorio 01-06-14 08:03 PM

I don't see a reason to change to a smaller bike frame...
I would go to the store and check both 17,5 and 19 though.

roccobike 01-06-14 09:54 PM

tetonishift, I updated the hardtail to an 08 stumpy two years ago. I went from a 17" Rockhopper hardtail to a 15.5" frame Stumpy and find it to be much faster, better handling. I'm a tad taller than 5' 8". Before I made this decision, I had the opportunity to ride a small frame Ironhorse and realized I wanted to go to a smaller frame. My point is, try a smaller frame. Maybe a freind has that rides a 17" frame will let you borrow their bike for a couple of rides. Going to a smaller frame is very personal thing. Some like it, some don't. For me, it was a substantial difference, but it may not be true for you.

agressor 01-06-14 10:05 PM

This should help you tektonik

tektonikshift 01-07-14 02:10 PM

thanks everyone for the infos.


MisterK 01-07-14 04:24 PM

I ride a 20" norco mountaineer (yes I know, def not a stupy) but I'm also 5'11 and now that I've ridden it abit I've def been playing with the idea of an 18.5

DinoShepherd 01-07-14 04:53 PM

I am confident the larger size is for you, but that's not important right now.

You are 100% missing the boat for not going with a 29er. For a hardtail XC bike, there is never a reason to go smaller. They are that much faster and more comfortable. Especially for the trails in your area.

I grew up on 26s and made the jump. Definitely a big difference.

You can update your 1996 frame, but won't notice a huge difference between that and a new one. A new wheel size, however, will change how you see and ride your trails.

You really owe it to yourself to at least try. You.ll thank me later.

Lew. 01-08-14 05:04 PM

I haven't read every reply in detail, so I may be repeating someone else... But this is my experience with my Stumpjumper (changed it about two months ago).
I'm 5'9 and had a 17.5" frame. It is way too small (I got the bike when I was about 5'7-ish, so it fit well then). Since, I've gone to a 19" 06 Epic... So much better for XC (I miss the smaller frame in some sections though).
Being two inches taller than me, I'd try a 19".
But if you have the chance, ride both a 17.5 and a 19 inch frame, that way you will know for certain.

1242Vintage 01-12-14 09:15 AM

I'm 5'11'' and picked up a 19'' 2014 Stumpjumper hardtail a couple of months ago. Fits great and love the 29er and geometry. Most of my riding is on gravel roads and dirt trails in the State Park near my house with plenty of climbing. Got it towards the end of CX season last Fall and raced it a couple of times instead of CX bike just to see how it handles.

The is a HUGE upgrade from the vintage 1990s 26'' TREK that I was riding.

Only problem I have now is to convince one of my kids to take that old TREK when they go back to university for Spring semester so I can get that antique out of my garage.

cpach 01-19-14 11:48 AM

As another data point, I'm a little over 5'10" with a short inseam and a long torso, and after demoing both, I ended up on a 17.5" carve instead of a 19". It just felt better-more maneuverable, climbed out of the saddle better, and made it easier to get a low position which I like. Trying is definitely the way to go.

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