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Glynn Sluder 01-07-14 08:00 PM

Bicycle stand trainer
Hey, I just got a trainer in the mail, bought it off Amazon. Ad said it would work with 700cc bikes so I thought it would have enough adjustment for my 29er mtb. Not so.

Don't want to take my tubeless tires off and buy new tube and slick just to use this thing.

Opinions wanted, should I send it back and get out in the nasty weather on weekends.. or buy a cheapo bike off CL and just ride that on the trainer through the winter? It would have to have a QR back axle wouldn't it?

Zephyr11 01-07-14 10:18 PM

You don't want to use a mountain tire on a trainer. Sounds like a plane taking off and eats up the tire really quickly. So even if it did work, most likely you wouldn't have wanted to keep that setup for long. If it were me and I didn't want to play with tubeless tires, I'd probably check Craigslist for something cheap, assuming I planned on using the trainer enough to get my money's worth. And a bolt on rear wheel should be fine, at least with any of the trainers I've used.

JOHNinIL 01-08-14 07:37 AM

@glynn - It's up to you, riding indoors does get boring after a while but you've got a couple options, get another wheel and mount a cheap tire, or get another bike (one can never have enough bikes). What I do is leave my knobby tire on with the trainer and just turn up the radio/TV, then I can still go out without having to swap tires.

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