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CruzByU 01-19-14 02:31 PM

Best roof rack for a 29er with disk brakes?
New to mountain biking. Just bought my wife and I a pair of Specialized 29ers with disk brakes. I've been looking at roof racks for our 2010 Chevy Equinox and I want to get some advise before picking a roof rack that I hate. I've been looking at the Yakima brand mostly. Our Equinox has the factory raised rails, but it didn't come with the crossbars. Please weigh in with your experiences on racks with fork mount, the kind you leave the tires on, wind noise, etc....thank you.

Malemute_Kid 01-19-14 06:20 PM

My buddy has the Yakima roof racks that grab the front tire. very nice set up. when i replace my current bike carrier (hitch mount) i will get this. not sure what them model name is but it is adjustable to different tire sizes, and has a cable lock that allows you lock the bikes.

BTW, he hauls 29ers with disc brakes all the time with no issues.

Canker 01-20-14 10:56 PM

I have a yakima front loader wheel on rack and it works fine. I also have a really old thule fork mount that wasn't orginally compatible with disc brakes but a hack saw fixed that. Don't think you can buy a fork mount that isn't compatible with disk brakes anymore. The wheel on racks real advantage beside the obvious of not having to take the wheel off is it can fit whatever front axle setup you have without adapters. I think if I had a SUV I'd lean towards hitch rack and avoid the gas mileage penalty, wind noise, and throwing my back out lifting a bike up on the roof. I'd rather have a hitch on my wagon but I need in and out of the hatch all the time and the rack would be in the way.

SDRider 01-20-14 11:17 PM

Why on earth would you want to go with a roof rack? Lifting your bikes over your head to put them up there gets old quick. Personally, I'd go with a hitch mount rack.

1UP makes a great hitch rack. It is a bit pricey but they seem to be very well engineered and get very favorable reviews.

B8888S 01-21-14 08:10 AM

I also like the hitch mount option. I can easily fit 4 29ers, all with disc brakes, on my Thule T2 with the optional extension. Easy on and easy off. The rack is not cheap, but in my opinion well worth the money.

Looigi 01-21-14 10:40 AM

Yeah, a hitch rack is my choice...or just throwing the bikes (actually laying them down gently on the NDS) in the back of my small SUV with the rear seats down. Check out for lots of options for racks, hitches, etc...

slowride454 01-21-14 11:59 AM

for roof mounted I can say do not get Rhino Rack. I have a Pontiac G8 so I had pretty much no other option than the Rhino Rack roof system. The skewer and lock mechanism broke on both mounts within 6 months and I can't get replacement parts. I'm still working on fixing the problem. I might be looking for new bike trays soon, if I can find something that will work with the aero shaped bows of the Rhino Rack.

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