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slowride454 01-20-14 02:32 PM

Finding discontinued Rock Shox parts
I'm trying to find 00.4015.681.010 - Remote and MoCo upgrade for Recon Silver TK. Otherwise, will 11.4015.306.030 along with 11.4308.848.000 or 11.4308.849.000 be the same thing?

slowride454 01-21-14 12:01 PM

couldn't get the kit any longer. Worked with LBS to piece it together with the other part numbers listed through the QBP dealer portal. Parts are on their way.

Lew. 01-21-14 12:09 PM

Try emailing SRAM or Mojo (though they probably won't be able to send you parts, they will certainly be helpful telling you if you can get them anymore). SRAM has been fantastic with me, emailing exploded diagrams and instructions for me to service my forks (Rebas). I've only heard fantastic things from Mojo, but I haven't emailed them myself.

jimc101 01-22-14 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by Lew. (Post 16428904)
Try emailing SRAM or Mojo

Being as Mojo only deal with Fox, they won't be able to help, add to this they are a UK company, not a US where the OP is located.

For RS service parts, your LBS/QBP seems like the bast option as you have found.

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