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magbike 01-21-14 11:55 PM

Can I use this bike for moderate trails in SoCal?
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I've had this bicycle, it LOOKS like a gary fisher advance 2006 (I bought it around then for about 350 bucks), but it isn't quite it because the frame is different! The top tube is paralell to the ground, and intersects the heat tube fork and the seat tube at 90 degree angles. I remember when I bought it, they told me it was a cheap chinese made bicycle.

Anyways, I've been doing some hiking around MTB trails and I see these guys having a lot of fun and thought maybe I could reuse my bicycle.

However, I never felt really comfortable using for that purpose because it didn't feel like it was built very strongly.

Can I work with this (as you can maybe tell, I tried to clean it quite a bit, especially on the cassetete, it was never that dirty, but I haven't touched the chain or anything for over 7 years...I noticed the cassette seems to 'wobble' which makes me think some things might need to be replaced) or should I look at buying some other old used bike? My plan is ideally to practice a lot of things rebuilding the bike, although this guy may not need much.

rebel1916 01-22-14 12:44 AM

Have it tuned up and go ride.

fishymamba 01-22-14 12:47 AM

That bike will be enough for some moderate riding, you won't be bombing any downhills on it, but I'm guessing a beginner like yourself won't be doing that just yet.
There are lots of easier trails in SoCal for beginner riders. Around what area do you live in? I suggest finding a local club and start doing their easier rides.

Does the cassette wobble side to side? If yes, it might have come loose. You need a special tool to tighten it properly.
Just make sure the brakes work properly, the chain has a little oil on it, and all the screws and bolts are properly tightened.
If you can afford it, I suggest taking the bike to a local shop to get a tune up.

And get yourself a helmet! You WILL fall eventually on a mountain bike and you want to have the proper protection.

Here is a video outlining some basic skills:

Daspydyr 01-22-14 10:30 AM

Helmet and gloves and it looks like you are in for some nice rides. Moderate trails would be good until you get feeling confident on the bike.

Cassette wobble sounds interesting though? Get a bike shop to look at that and let us know their verdict. Chain lube is a biggie. Anything from 3 in 1 oil to any $8.50 chain lube at the LBS would get you going. Be sure to wipe off the excess.

B8888S 01-22-14 12:20 PM

Excellent Advice Above!

Ride that sucker!! Have some fun! When something breaks, fix it.

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