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ttusomeone 01-22-14 09:44 AM

Wheelset Help!
I know this is one of many wheelset threads, but I'm hoping I can get some advice. I've got a Scalpel 29 Carbon 2 on order that should be here next month. It comes with the Mavic Crossroc wheels. I've been told by someone who already has the bike that I need to upgrade the wheels.

So my question is does anyone have any experience with these wheels, and if so, should I upgrade them? If so, what should I upgrade them to?

I'm 135 lbs and these would be used for XC training and racing. I ride mostly in TN and North GA, so climbing, mostly smooth trails, and some rocks (but nothing extreme like out west). My budget for replacing these is around $850. Based on what my LBS has said, I can get a set of AM Classic Wide Lightning for that (that's with having a Lefty hub built in). I can also get a custom wheelset built with Velocity Blunt SL rims and DT Swiss 240s hubs. What do you think?

Daspydyr 01-22-14 10:27 AM

I like the upper level DT Swiss products. This is the training season out here in the west. It might be an idea to do some training on the Mavic's to see what your experience is. Or are you hoping to trade them in as new?

I have aged past any competitive racing hopes. But I do think that wheel setups are an important element for racing and XC style riding.

ttusomeone 01-22-14 10:38 AM

I plan on selling them, but don't mind riding some to test them out. The problem is I'm coming from a set of carbon rovals, so anything is going to feel a little softer. I just won't know how soft they are compared to some of my other options.

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