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telebianchi 01-23-14 12:54 PM

Leaving FS bike in car overnight in 15F temps
Probably a silly question, but I am riding a short race on Saturday morning (with a bunch of snow still on the ground :thumb: !). Race time is 8:30 am so I'll need to leave my house a little before 7:00.

It will be easier on my schedule if I load the bike in the back of the car on Friday night instead of Saturday morning. Lows Friday night are forecast to be about 15 degrees F, with temps at race time probably in the 18 - 22 range.

Is there any reason (thinking fork, shock, hydro brakes) that this is a bad idea? The fork is not air adjustable but the shock is. I have heard that I'll want to check the shock pressure before the ride and might need to put a little more air in it because of the low temps.


s0ul_chicken 01-23-14 01:00 PM

You should be just fine, but be sure to check your tire pressures as well as those will drop a few pounds from the cold. Give yourself enough time for a quick warm-up and a bike shakedown.

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