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Oceana 01-25-14 07:16 PM

Bike Seats
Hi you guys!I was wondering which bike seats you like and why?My bike needs some cush for my tush and Im not sure which to get. XD

Glynn Sluder 01-25-14 09:29 PM

Saddles are very personal (duh) but I didn't find one that felt good till I quit looking for padding and instead went more streamlined. I ride a Spec. Phenom.

When I go from winter time less riding to spring time lots of riding, I have to toughen up the sit bones for a couple weeks.

roccobike 01-25-14 11:02 PM

ON MTBs I like most of the Specialized, body geometry including some of the entry level saddles that come standard on their bikes.
On roadbikes, I like the Sella ERA line.
As was said, it's a personal thing. You need to find what you like.

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