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Whatbiketobuy16 01-26-14 05:40 AM

Is this the right bike for me?
Hi guys, I've been looking around for a new bike. I will be doing mostly rides around the suburbs, but I want to get a MTB because the trails around me are very rocky, very rough and steep; so not really suitable for a hybrid.

I'm thinking of getting the Specialized Hardrock Disk 29 (

I am a beginner MTB rider and don't want to do anything crazy either; I want to be safe.

Will this bike be reasonably good on the road? Are the 29'' wheels the right choice, for ease on road, and on steep trails for a beginner?

Does anyone have experience with Specialized MTB's?

Thanks for your help - much appreciated!

Fred Smedley 01-26-14 05:40 PM

double post oops

Fred Smedley 01-26-14 05:46 PM

I think that would be a bad choice for "very rocky, very rough and steep". I would buy two bikes , a mountain bike in the $1500 range for the trails you describe , and something else for pavement.

Canker 01-27-14 12:17 AM

It is a very entry level bike. At that level the fork is basically a pogo stick. It is the kind of bike you buy and ride for awhile to decide if you like the sport well enough to blow some real money. Most of us start off that way. Might want to consider going used too since a lot of people decide no they do not like the sport and sell their bike after it has sat in the garage for a couple years.

Whatbiketobuy16 01-27-14 06:41 PM

Thanks guys for the feedback! I'm just looking for a good bike to use for recreation, nothing too extreme. I'll be using it around 80% on the road/pavement and otherwise on some fire trails, like this one:

thehammerdog 01-28-14 05:59 AM

that bike is more than fine for your needs. Goody for you buy it and ride it.

Whatbiketobuy16 01-28-14 07:47 PM

Hi guys, thanks again for the feedback. Yesterday I went to another LBS to compare the Specialized to what Trek offers. I started a new thread, and I'd really appreciate some help with understanding the differences between the Specialized Hardrock and the Trek X Caliber, and why there is such a difference in price, and whether or not its really worth the extra $$ or if the Hardrock is good enough for my needs.

Thanks guys for your help!

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