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patoestavillo 01-27-14 09:47 AM

29x2.0 or 1.95 tire recommendation for Giant Roam 3
Hi, I recently bought a used 2013 Giant Roam 3 which is a 29er. It comes with 29x2.10 tires, but the problem is that these tires touch a bit of the lower back part of the frame. So I was told that the solution is to go thinner. I would like a set of tires that are ok for street with the option to hit a trail from time to time (that is the general purpose of my bike). Can someone recommend a good set of 29x2.0 tires?

Do you think it is a better option to have a set of 700x35 tires for the road plus a set of 29x2.0 or 1.95 for the trails?

Thank you.

bikeme 01-27-14 11:23 PM

Isn't the Roam more of a mtb style hybrid vs a true mtb? I think they come with pretty skinny tires like 35 or 40mm so there's not a lot of mud clearance. You might want to try the fattest XC (cyclocross) tire you can find, prob 35 or 40mm max. CX tires have knobs like a mtb tire but will work for you on pavement too. For mtb tires, you might look at Specialized's Fast Trak 2.0, knobby but not so aggro its noise on pavement won't drive you nuts--their Renegade 1.95 is good too. However, I'm thinking a 1.95 or 2.0 might not fitů As for changing tires for street and trail, it's a pain and a huge hassle. My friend does it and hates it so much he just leaves his knobbies on for his commute.

patoestavillo 01-28-14 01:11 AM

Thank you for your post, and you are actually right, 1.95 didn't fit on the back. I had the idea that the Roam was a 29er so it had to use 29er mtb tires. I was told I could put a wider tire in the front for a little more traction but I think I will just stick to buying a wide set of cyclocross tires. Thanks.

lidou 08-11-15 07:08 AM

i have the same concern than you , i have a giant roam and want to feet 29x2 or 29x 1.9 have you done tests ?

NormanF 08-11-15 09:51 AM

Get Marathon Mondials or Big Ben Tires.

While not really mountain bikes, urban 29ers can get off-road with suitable 700 X 50 tires.

osco53 08-11-15 05:31 PM

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