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Whatbiketobuy16 01-28-14 01:26 AM

Specialized Hardrock 29 Vs. Trek X Caliber : Which to buy?
Hi guys, I've gone to a couple of local bike shops.

I'm thinking of getting a 29'' MTB because I'll be riding a mix of road/pavement, and fire trails (too rough for a hybrid to handle).

1) Specialized Hardrock Disk 29''
2)Trek X-Caliber:
The guy talked to me about the X Caliber 5
$749 (A bit above my budget...)
But I also want to know if the $100 extra is worth it compared to the X Caliber 4:

Thanks for the help guys, its hard to get unbiased, good advice on these types of things. All the guy said (the Trek guy) was that the X Caliber 5 had more durable, better quality 'components' compared to the others. Does it matter if I'll be doing modest Mountain biking; no crazy jumping etc! I am a beginner MTB and want to be safe :)

Why is the Hardrock so much cheaper? Is the Trek worth the extra $$?

Thanks again!

Dannihilator 01-28-14 08:28 PM

The trek does have the better components. You tend to pay more for the better components.

Whatbiketobuy16 01-28-14 09:36 PM

For someone who isn't doing really technical trails (eg: jumps off rocks) are the better components worth the extra money. I am on a limited budget, but I want a good bike that I can enjoy for a while :)
I doubt the specialized components are that bad, are they?

Dannihilator when your say that the Trek has the better components, are you talking about the X Caliber 4 as well as the 5? How does the 4 compare with the Hardrock?

Thank you for the feedback by the way!!!

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