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Millerad1651 02-04-14 01:15 PM

Thoughts on two bikes?
So I was just about to grab an 08 Trek EX 8 yesterday when it sold about an hour before I could get to it. Since then, I've been trying to find something just as nice for my first FS bike. There is absolutely nothing local to me, so I'm going to have to take a small road trip to get something. I've found two bikes, each about the same distance away from me, just happen to be in the opposite directions.

1st one: 2006 Kona King Kikapu
Less than 400 miles total on the bike, upgraded wheels and tires. Its got Deore components, a Fox Float RP3 rear shock and Marzocchi MX Comp 1 w/ETA fork. The paint job is ugly, so I'd most likely paint so I'm not worried about paint condition. Asking price is $700, but has been for sale for almost a month.

2nd one: 2009 Gary Fisher HiFi Plus. Upgraded wheels and tires as well, XT components, a FOX RP23 w propedal rear shock and Fox Vanilla 150mm fork. Avid Elixir 3 brakes as well. I like the paint job, but thats not a huge deal. Asking price is $750. Been for sale for 3 days, but is 1hr further from me.

Now both bikes have really good reviews on various sites. The Kona has a slightly better review, and seems to be able to take a beating. I read about a few Gary Fisher's frame breaking, but they seemed to have fixed that by 2009. I am about 240lbs, but that is going down more every day. Would either one be better for my size? I'm not gonna be doing jumps or huge drops, just singletrack and wooded areas.

I'm thinking the Kona is a bit overpriced, so I may be able to get a better deal on it, maybe $600. The only thing I can think that I would upgrade is the front tire to 650B...other than that, both would be ready to ride. Anyone ridden either of these...thoughts, suggestions?


ncfisherman 02-04-14 04:59 PM

The Hifi has 120mm rear travel, so a 150 fork is a little out of whack -- not sure if you can lower the Van. Also, the Vanilla is the coil version, so you might need to swap to a firm spring if it's not installed.

Price on the Hifi seems a little better, but not sure the fork is the best option.

Millerad1651 02-06-14 09:47 PM

Thanks for the advice. Finally got some pics of the HiFi, it's actually a 2007 according to bikepedia. I read way too many threads about frame breaking, so I decided against it. I will be picking the Kona up on Monday, got it for $560. I think that's a fair deal for both myself and the seller. I think it will work out better for me, a little stronger of a bike. I'd like to get it sooner, but have to go out of town for the weekend! Thanks for everyone who has answered my questions the past couple weeks.

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