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kinggrant20 02-04-14 06:40 PM

Front shifting cables loose?
In a attempt to fix my derailleur I loosened the front shifting cables. Now I cannot seem to get the shifter to work. I first loosened up the cable at connected to the shifter on the handle bars then I pulled the wire tight at the bottom by the derailleur with a wrench after that I tightened the cable at the shifter on the handle bars. I am not getting any response from the shifter.
This is my bike.

Its really frustrating, I cant afford to take it to a shop.

The above is fixed ^ but I have other problems now.

I will post it in the bicycle mechanics section.

Darth_Firebolt 02-04-14 06:46 PM

more specifically:

make sure the derailleur has taken the chain to the smallest gear on the crankset, and make sure your shifter is in the 1 or Low position with the barrel adjuster (either on the shifter or somewhere on the frame) is screwed all the way in before you tighten the cable. also, when the cable is unhooked. make sure you can move the derailleur through its entire range of motion using your hands. pull on the end of the cable and use the shifter to make sure the shifter is actually pulling cable through the housing.

also, questions of this nature usually go in the "Bicycle Mechanics" section, found here:


kinggrant20 02-04-14 07:21 PM

Thanks for the reply. I found the problem.
The cable was getting pushed all the way threw the shifter. I fixed that problem now I have others.

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