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OldManZozobra 07-15-14 09:24 PM

2002 Raleigh M80 worth $215?
Hi. I joined this forum just to ask this question. Could someone help me out please? I haven't owned a bike in a long time and know almost nothing about bikes. I'm looking to buy the black bike in the craigslist ad below. I've read reviews that this model holds up fairly well for an entry level mountain bike and is fairly solid, BUT it's 12 years old. It looks to be in very good condition and barely ridden. Would $215 be a good price to pay for this make and model? How about $400 for the two? If not, my budget is about $450 and I'll probably buy a new Haro Flightline 1 or 2. I've read that it would be better to buy a good used, older model bike for >$450 than a new one for that price range. Thanks in advance for your time.

Raleigh M80 mountain bikes *MINT* - FS or trade

Canker 07-15-14 11:49 PM

2003 Raleigh M80 Disc - New and Used Bike Value
That is disc model but close enough and I'd say pretty spot on for value. It comes down to though can you find anything better for the money?

OldManZozobra 07-16-14 12:29 AM


It comes down to though can you find anything better for the money?
I've been scouring craigslist for the past week or so looking for bikes in the under $500 range and these have been the best I've seen in terms of condition and make. I'm gonna check out some local bike shops tomorrow to see if there are any better options, but being a complete noob on the subject of bicycles, I like craiglist as I can google and research without pressure if I see a bike that would suit me. Also, thank you for replying to this post. Much appreciated.

OldManZozobra 07-16-14 06:28 AM

I've also found a listing for a brand new 2013 Trek 3500 for $300. So now it's between the Raleigh M80 or the Trek 3500.

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