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trail_monkey 10-05-14 06:29 PM

old diamondback fixup
I got a 2009 Diamondback sorrento sitting in my garage that i don't ride anymore. I was talking with a buddy tonight and he's planning on fixing up his old Trek 820 for a second bike. Got me to thinking about upgrading my Diamondback for more of a flat trail/urban bike whereas my Jamis is more MTB setup. I just wanted to ask is this frame worth doing anything with or is it not worth doing anything with? My BB on the Diamondback is loose so a BB/posible crank set would be in order. Just how worthy are these frames of putting parts on compared to higher end frames? Cheap Chinese garbage or are they better Tiawanese frames? Are they any better than Wal mart crap? I originally bought it at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Canker 10-06-14 02:14 AM

It is a $300 bike brand new so it is about as lowend as you can get a still have a real non-walmart bike just like the trek 820 :). Both lean more towards hybrid than pure mtb. For what you have planned it would be fine but do it cheaply. A cheap rigid fork would probably be a good upgrade.

roccobike 10-06-14 06:14 AM

I agree with Canker about keeping it cheap. Also, having a beater around is a great idea. You'll ride more because you'll take it places you wouldn't take your main rider. I've replaced BB's on Sorrentos. If you can re-use the crankset, do so to save $$. Unless the fork is shot, I wouldn't replace it. Even a rigid cost $$. But if all you have to do is a BB and maybe tires/tubes and/or chain, yes it's worth having a beater like that around. As an example I use a 1988 Nishiki with a converted sus fork for the gravel rails to trails around here. Something to think about, those gravel/crushed stone trails destroy bottom brackets. I'd much rather beat up an old square taper cheapo than the BB on one of my main riders. Also my beater has street type MTB tires, not pure knobies to make riding on those easy trails/paths an easier task and more fun. BTW Canker is right, the Sorrento is very similar to the 820. Still, those are sturdy bikes that can take a lot of punishment.
BTW, If I had to choose between a used Trek 820/DB Sorrento in good condition or a new Wally World bike, I'd take the 820/Sorrento EVERY time, that's a no brainer decision.

trail_monkey 10-06-14 07:09 PM

I got all the tool so I think I will replace the BB and keep everything else stock. The bike is rideable. Everything works even the shifters ect. I just ordered a crank puller and I got all my BB tools so coming up will be a new BB and thats it. Maybe eventually some smoother tires. There is some flat trails around here that are crushed limestone and I wasn't aware they were hard on BB. Thanks for the info.

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