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SpotOn 10-10-14 02:24 PM

Slicks/no-knob tires on mountain bike?
I have a 2010 Specialized Hardrock (hardtail) 26" (not disk), and I mainly use it on pavement. Do a lot of people change out their mountain bike tires and put slicks (or other tires meant for road usage) on their mountain bikes?

Does anyone here have experience with "slicks" on MTB's?
What is the thinnest/fattest tire I can put on the stock wheelset?
Any tires that you can recommend?

Thank you,
- SpotOn

LesterOfPuppets 10-10-14 02:38 PM

I don't know the rim specs for your bike but I don't like going with the thinnest. You can get 1.1" Michelin Wild Runr. Or 1.25" Nashbar Slick City and even some 23mm Kenda Koncept wheelchair tires might just fit on there.

1.4" Michelin Wild Runr or 1.4" Ritchey Tom Slicks are nicer handling, than the super skinnies, I think.

I'm even happier with 1.75" Michelin Country Rocks, personally. Still pretty fast, corner pretty well on pavement but don't give you weird steering geometry that smaller tires sometimes can. And you can still do OK on trails with them. I even run them as a rear tire for dry hardpack CX and STXC races.

Kayotee 10-10-14 07:51 PM

I have a spare wheelset equipped with Kenda K838 slicks (only $18 a tire on Amazon). Though they're a little wide, at a high PSI the contact patch is minimal and makes for smooth and fast riding. If I let out just a little bit of air, they're also fine for majority of off-road riding that doesn't involve climbing (though why would I do that when I have a good set of knobby's). It's a pretty common practice, especially if people mostly ride pavement.

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