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sceloglaux 02-03-15 08:36 AM

Opinions on these wheels?
Anyone have an opinion on these wheels?
I think I can use adapters to make them work with whatever frame I decide to get, are they good quality?

2015 Giant DT Swiss P TRX1 650B Wheelset 27 5 Mountain Bike Disc | eBay

ColinL 02-03-15 10:05 AM

Not familiar with that wheelset, and I see that the ad doesn't contain any technical information regarding rim inner width or weight.

...So, I can't help much.

roccobike 02-03-15 12:27 PM

I don't own those, but there are reviews on line that are available. You need to run a google search. The general opinion is they are way overpriced at an MSRP of $900, but since they are starting at only $200 with shipping on ebay, they're a bargain depending on where the bidding goes. I didn't see the number of speeds supported by the freehub in the ad but the reviews stated eleven, not 8 to 10. Also, you might want to inquire about the width of the rim if you're running wide tires as that was a concern on the review I read.

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