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What a day.


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What a day.

I was about half-way through my ride today and finally starting to gain some confidence on my new clipless pedals when I took a little break.


Trying to get going again in a flat section, I clipped in my right foot and applied a little torque to get the bike moving. I didn't see the small stump right in front of my tire which immediately arrested my forward progress. I guess my weight was shifted to the right because I started going over and wasn't able to unclip in time. I definitely need a little more practice on the clipless, I tend to panic and forget to twist out properly.

I guess I landed on the rear deraileur because it was all jacked up and I ended up walking it about half of two miles back out. Threw it on the rack when I got home and it wasn't as bad as I feared, just bent the hanger back and it shifts ok. A little more tweaking and I may not even notice.

Lesson learned: fall to the left

I'm definitely starting to get comfortable again, just have to keep at it.

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Another clipless tragedy to add to the list! It happens to everyone sooner or later. It happened to me in a creekbed last Spring. Very painful. Luckily hasn't happened since!
I still wouldn't give them up for anything. I used to smack my shins with the pedals a lot before I got them. Also not an entirely pleasant experience.
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Been there done that man. Been riding clipless for a few weeks now. Was doing great for the first few days, never fell. Then I got a little over confident, saw a friend down by the lake so I went over to say hello. unclipped my left foot and put it on the bench he was sittin on to balance myself....started talking.....forgot to unclip my right foot. Shifted my weight to my right side to put my foot on the ground and WHAM. Right on my right side. Of course when I fell my foot unclipped and everyone around just figured I was an idiot and fell over for no reason at all. Only other accident I had with them so far was when I wasn't paying attention where my leg was in relation to the pedal as I was pushin myself up the dirveway with my left foot clipped in. Right side pedal came right down the back of my right calf, left about 5-6 nice sized and long gashes. But hey, clipless sure beats reg. pedals anyday if you ask me.
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