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mountainwalker 03-05-15 03:17 PM

Best car trunk-mounted 2-4 bicycle rack?
I've had a great Thule hitch bike rack which is rated for 4 bikes (but is generally easiest with 3) which I've used with my crossover wagon which I've been very happy with. However my family is going to be spending some time overseas where it's likely we won't have a hitch receiver and would need to use a trunk-mounted carrier that will work with various car trunks.

Which are the best quality and value trunk-mounted racks that will hold your bikes securely and not damage your car?

I'm guessing it's generally not a great idea to carry more than 2 bikes this way, but I haven't ever used a trunk carrier for more than 2. Can a trunk carrier handle 3-4 bikes?

Sincerely appreciate recommendations. Love our hitch carrier, but too heavy to take with us and likely we won't be able to use it.

iTrek 03-05-15 03:33 PM

Saris makes a great one that holds 3 bikes. I had it for about three years with no problems at all. When I bought new car it had hitch so I switched.

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