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GlennR 03-23-15 03:05 PM

Tire pressure
What do you recommend for tire pressure for road use and off road use?

Tires are 700c x 38mm.

MileHighMark 03-23-15 03:08 PM

On pavement, I run my 700x38 tires at 40-45 psi front and 50-55 psi rear. When the road turns to dirt or gravel, I drop the pressure to 35 front and 45 rear.

When riding my 29er (which has tires that range from 52-60 mm), I run 18-20 psi front and 25 psi rear.

Leebo 03-24-15 01:03 PM

Rider weight ? Riding style? Terrain conditions?

GlennR 03-24-15 01:09 PM

Originally Posted by Leebo (Post 17658138)
Rider weight ? Riding style? Terrain conditions?

I'm 200#, pavement, single track dirt, gravel.

I live on Long Island so there are no mountains.

ColinL 03-25-15 08:13 AM

700x38 isn't typically used on 29er MTBs, but I think somewhere in the low 50s for your rear tire is a good place to start. Front tire 5-10 psi less depending on your posture & weight distribution on the bike.

I actually thought BF had a cyclocross forum, but I don't see one. Perhaps the road forum? Surely some of those lycra-wearing folks have moved on to gravel / CX bikes with tires this size. My CX bike has 32mm tires that I was given, and I'm foolishly riding them. The bike can clear 45mm tires, so I really should be riding wider. 32s are brutal on gravel since I have to run at least 60 psi to keep the rear tire off the rim.

osco53 03-25-15 03:01 PM

oldnslow,,, love that name btw :P

Be smart, experiment,
Carry TWO or three tubes and all you need to fix flats on the trail.

Set your pressure ONLY a few pounds below where you've been already and ride your COMPLETE route,
Next ride drop them TWO more psi,,,ride the whole route and repeat untill you get a snake bite,, then add 2 psi and,,fagetaboutit :P

A buddy of mine rides real single track,, black diamond trails on a cyclo-cross bike with tires like yours.
He's 220 pounds in full ride gear. He pinches below 39 psi front and 42 rear he tells me..

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