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ax0n 01-13-07 09:54 PM

Anyone in KC get out and play in the snow?
Long weekend, more time to get out there. A little singletrack, a little rock climbing and some grocery runs. Life is good :)

deanp 01-14-07 08:01 AM

The last picture is cool with orbs, looks mystical. Didn't get out on my bike, not my style of riding.

ax0n 01-14-07 02:38 PM

I still haven't found "my style" yet since I've only been doing this for about 6 months. I originally started out as a kind of grumpy commuter. Then I started doing all my short errands by bike. Then occasionally I do some recreational off-road riding, hit the trails, or do the occasional ride from home to my parents' place in stilwell (about 20 miles each way)

I've found out that I still am a kid at heart when it comes to snow, but I'm definitely not going to be doing any freeride/downhill stuff. I'm still 200+ lbs and inching toward 30 years old. Don't wanna break a hip :lol:

deanp 01-14-07 03:58 PM

I'm oversize also, but I like staying on improved surface. I could see running errands and the such, but being older yet than you I'm done playing in the mud. I like just pounding out the miles.

ax0n 01-14-07 10:05 PM

I'll take the miles however they come, but no way I'd spend any time on ridgeview or 119th (the main roads I live closest to) in this stuff. I drove my wife's Explorer to church this morning and other vehicles on the road STILL scared me. I work for an investment securities firm, so I have tomorrow off. I'm really hoping this stuff starts to go away before Tuesday.

Once it warms up, we should ride. I'm a bit of a slow-poke, but I need to find some riding buddies to keep me motivated.

deanp 01-15-07 08:24 AM

I am hoping the streets will be clear Saturday and I am planning on getting our. I average about 15 mph on my rides. I bomb the decents, crawl up hills and make a good pace on the flats, if I don't have a head wind.

mcoons 02-16-07 08:32 AM

I rode in to the bus on whatever the first day of the snow was...monday?tuesday? The sidewalks were a little deep, but the roads were packed pretty well. I have really fat tires on my MTB so they worked pretty well. I go straight down Southwest Blvd downtown then up Broadway, and when I got to the top of Broadway by Bartle and I stripped my pedal (clipped in pedal still attached to my foot!) so I walked the last few blocks to the bus.

Tromped around in the woods near my office at lunch one day, but not much else in the snow...sure is pretty though.

ax0n 02-18-07 10:47 PM

Yah, I wiped out on Friday. My first wipeout in the snow and ice. But damn it was fun, and it only happened because I was trying to show off by throwing snow with a sideways skid.

I would say I'm getting too old for this stuff, but I'm not.

Hard to believe we saw 50 today! Holy crap! I'm wondering if the KC Trek Store Monday Recovery Ride will be on for tomorrow. S'post to be reeeaally nice out!

feba 02-19-07 05:20 AM

Haven't been outside at all, but it's been pretty much shoveled out where I live anyway. Roads could be the middle of summer and you'd never know =/

mcoons 02-19-07 08:16 AM

Wonderful commute in this morning. Actually got hot and had to take off my headband.

Tomorrow night is the Mardi Gras parade in the Crossroads - 18th and Wyandotte at YJ's - and a few of us usually ride our bikes in it...there should be at least 100 people and 6 or 7 floats there tonight as it will be pretty warm. It gets going about 9:00 -ish.

deanp 02-19-07 09:10 AM

It was nice to ride in the warm sunshine, but it sure was sloppy. My bike is a mess. I'm going to wash it tonight.

cruzMOKS 02-20-07 01:44 PM

Today (Tuesday) was the first day I have been riding in 40 days. I rode to the library and
back. Stopped at a park and read. It was good. I had to take a vacation day or I would
lose it. I plan on commuting to work tomorrow.

f0s_man 02-21-07 11:02 PM

Better enjoy the nice weather before the crazy rains come this weekend!!

ax0n 02-22-07 07:41 AM

Grr... I hate rain worse than I hate snow.

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