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borg 08-09-12 01:26 PM

I am moving to Denver this weekend, and hoping to join up with some local groups and riders to get me back into shape and help me learn the area. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The Denver Bicycle Touring Club is what I stumbled upon through internet searching. I will be living in the Glendale area.

jacobsever 05-04-16 01:00 PM

No group rides for almost 4 years now?

BagoFun 07-04-16 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by jacobsever (Post 18740879)
No group rides for almost 4 years now?

Let's change that!

fleslider 07-13-16 01:48 PM

I am up in Fort Collins up for a ride either up here or willing to hoof it down to Denver for a ride.

MR_se7en 07-18-17 01:56 PM

Im so glad to of found this thread. Need to find me a group ride soon!

superdex 07-18-17 03:46 PM

I'm in Parker ... happy to meet up anywhere south of arapahoe (and north of Larkspur)

MR_se7en 07-20-17 09:13 AM

What is everyones flavor for a time? After work - on the weekends - Set a day and let it run, who ever shows up rides.....

Personally - I would choose a weekend so that we can have more time to ride.

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