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sunnyd_72 02-13-07 12:08 AM

Shout out for Kansas
So how many people do we have here from the greatest state in the nation? :D I myself am from Newton, apx. 20 minutes north of wichita.

What about you guys?

Ridire123 02-13-07 01:16 PM

I'm originally from Manhattan, but am currently up in Omaha right now for school. I still go back to Manhattan on some weekends and on breaks... Less trails to ride on, but it's also not nearly as busy as Omaha--you can ride safely pretty much anywhere!

ChiefCatchacold 02-14-07 09:48 PM

Originally from SW KS, currently in NE KS. So I've passed through Newton on 50 more than a few times. :)

f0s_man 02-14-07 09:54 PM

I'm in Lawrence, KS.

AGGRO 02-14-07 10:07 PM

Right on. I was born in Wray, CO. knockin on the door of KS. Way to represent.

bikex10 02-15-07 07:15 AM

I live close to Buhler.

f0s_man 02-16-07 12:32 AM

Is it warming up?! Is it warming up?! I need to start riding again lest i collapse on my way to Kansas City! YES i shall bike up to Kansas City in the Spring. I made a promise to a friend that i'd do it!!

sunnyd_72 02-16-07 05:41 AM

Well it was 21 yesterday and it's suppose to be 42 todeay and mid 50's all next week!!

f0s_man 03-14-07 01:05 PM

HALLO SUN!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

camflan 03-14-07 03:38 PM

Lawrence, it was/is 75 today, had a great ride this morning after class.

The Figment 03-14-07 08:47 PM

ElDorado Here! Mokas Rocks! I'm just 35 min down K-196 from ya! Any decent trails around Newton?

f0s_man 03-19-07 05:17 PM

I took a reconnaissance drive for my "epic" Lawrence to Wyandotte County - The LEGENDS Mall in KCK- bike ride....
1. My route goes from Lawrence, onto the 24/40 through to Tonganoxie - I've done this part of the ride a few times - not too bad - paved road, with a "standard" country highway shoulder..
2. I was planning to head north, onto Leavenworth road, via Tonganoxie Drive...
3. BUT...i realized that the paved roads do not appear until i hit Basehor... that's a good 10 miles of packed gravel, and wild country...
4. I ride a hybrid.... - i guess i could do it.... but a flat in the country...booohooo!!

Any other routes you folks would suggest?

I was thinking about riding on State Avenue all the way. It's a highway, with a HUGE shoulder, the type where cops can pull you over kinda shoulder. But i'm a little worried about the K-7 ramp.....might get rear-ended or something. .... :(

AGGRO 03-20-07 04:57 AM

Ain't you all getting beat up this winter? I heard the wheat looks like [email protected]#$.

ebr898 03-20-07 05:43 AM


I am checking in from Gardner, Ks.

deanp 03-20-07 08:52 AM

In live in Lenexa.

ebr898 03-22-07 07:47 AM

FOs Man,

There is a route that has been suggested to me from Lawrence to Gardner Via Douglas County Roads. I have driven it once to check it over, late last fall. It had some "share the road signs" posted. The shoulder was not very wide, and the ditches were fairly steep in some sections. My neighbor who suggested it said she rides it frequently. As I understand it the loop starts on the South side of Lawrance on a road that goes by and outlooktower.

ChiefCatchacold 03-22-07 08:07 AM

I haven't ridden it, but you might look into Linwood road (KS hwy 32, turn just after Lawrence airport.) Then back north towards Basehor on 158th street (KS 2.)

Something like this: (link) ~30 miles one way.

I ride quite a bit from Gardner over towards Lawrence/Baldwin. I can post my routes if you like.

ChiefCatchacold 03-22-07 08:27 AM

I ride this one fairly often (link)

Gardner-Baldwin ~40 mile roundtrip. Check the elevation, there's a nice hill from Vinland to Baldwin City.

Anybody else know of some good hills the KC area?

f0s_man 03-22-07 10:07 AM

@ebr898 & ChiefCatchaCold

Thanks for the routes ideas.

I've driven around to look at possible routes, and i think i can get to KC via State Ave, but not go all the way. I'll turn North at the stop light in Basehor, then head back East on Leavenworth Road - PAVED! The K7 ramps are too scary for me. Furthermore, there is massive construction going on along State.

I'll post the alternate routes....
Probably test the Linwood route this weekend if the dumb weather clears up!

JayhawKen 03-31-07 06:46 AM

Not from Kansas but had the good fortune to spend 4 years at the finest academic institution west of the Mississippi.:)

atomship47 03-31-07 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by JayhawKen
Not from Kansas but had the good fortune to spend 4 years at the finest academic institution west of the Mississippi.:)


JayhawKen 04-01-07 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by atomship47

Is that a 4 year school?:rolleyes:

ax0n 04-02-07 11:49 AM

Olathe, KS here. I didn't know the KC 'burbs had such a big representation. You guys need to speak up more often.

f0s_man 04-03-07 07:39 PM

Gimme back my warm weather!! NooOoOooOo....

ChiefCatchacold 04-04-07 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by f0s_man
Gimme back my warm weather!! NooOoOooOo....

I don't mind the cold, but the 25 mph winds are getting old.

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