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telenick 02-08-08 02:13 PM

Triple Bypass - the grass roots version
This is the official BF TBP ride. Brought to you by friends of BF.

Use this thread to post ideas, build consensus, encourage and support this ride and your fellow riders.


snowy 02-09-08 08:36 PM

I made this a sticky thread. I would really like to see us all do this ride! :)

bmclaughlin807 02-10-08 01:23 AM

We need to pick a date... once we have a date set, I'll ask around... I know a few people that might be interested...

Also... we should see about organizing the trip back... I'd rather not be stuck in Avon attempting to hitchhike back!

Pwnt 02-10-08 05:41 AM

Yes. Pick a day and then we can go from there.

I nominate the 12th, 19th, or 26th of July.


DataJunkie 02-10-08 02:13 PM

July 12th is the actual triple. I am in for any other day.

Pwnt 02-10-08 02:28 PM

Ok, so not the 12th then.

snowy 02-10-08 08:33 PM

I can't say what day will work for me yet, I've got to double check with a buddy about a race up in Crested Butte. :)

Pwnt 02-10-08 10:04 PM

Ok Snowy is out. I say we move without her.



Wouldnt be the same without you!:love:

snowy 02-11-08 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Pwnt (Post 6142976)
Ok Snowy is out. I say we move without her.



Wouldnt be the same without you!:love:

Really going to try to be there. July just happens to be a big month. Got in a 35 mile ride yesterday though. It was great :)

colorider 02-11-08 06:06 PM

The 19th might work for me. Otherwise July's not looking too good for me.

telenick 02-12-08 11:11 AM

Thanks for the sticky Snowy!

I think it makes good sense to pick a date about 30 days out. June, July and August can have very intimidating monsoon weather. At altitude that spells hypothermia. 30 days is usually enough time to predict a high pressure system with long range weather forecasting. I'm suggesting this because I would really like it if everyone had fun with the ride. We don't need a suffer fest.

Alternatively, I can understand that folks here need to have their schedules dialed in much sooner than that. So, as a compromise - how about we pick three dates. One date each for June, July and August. Just an idea. Any other ideas are most welcome.

snowy 02-13-08 09:27 AM

I think that is a great idea! :)

valygrl 02-14-08 12:32 AM

I can do:
June 14/15
July 13
and weekends after in decreasing probability

colorider 02-14-08 10:32 AM

These weekends work for me

June 14/15 or 28/29
July 19/20 maybe - dependent on child care/babysitting
August 9/10 and 23/24

Pwnt 03-04-08 04:56 PM


DataJunkie 03-04-08 06:58 PM

How do you bump a sticky? :p

telenick 03-08-08 10:55 AM

reapply the glue i reckon

Pwnt 03-08-08 01:00 PM

No one was discussing it anymore so I nudged it a little.

telenick 03-08-08 02:04 PM

I know you know that I know that bumping this thread demonstrates ultimate commitment to this ride. You know?

Pwnt 03-08-08 05:16 PM


snowy 03-09-08 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Pwnt (Post 6304733)

Awww Pwnt going to lead this ride!!! :D

DataJunkie 03-09-08 12:41 PM

Maybe Pwnt is going to rent a bus to haul us back. I'm still trying to figure out how we are going to handle the out route. Need a back.

I have a mini van. I suppose I could fit two bikes in the back and pick up a hitch rack for two or three more behind the van. Then I could tail pwnt to avon, drop the van off, and we could drive to evergreen.

At least we have plenty of time to figure that one out.

telenick 03-09-08 02:54 PM

We're going to pedal back to evergreen after we savor a few beers in Avon. I thought you knew that.

snowy 03-09-08 04:47 PM

What this a 240 mile ride?? WHOLLY CRAP. Have fun guys!! :)

DataJunkie 03-09-08 04:59 PM

I wanted to do a 400K someday but we will need to add a few miles to make it 249.
I am not sure if a 400K in the mountains is what I had in mind but I am game.
With my new dinotte taillight y'all can stick me in back. :p

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