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Pwnt 03-01-08 04:57 PM

Permanent Schedules/CO
My group and I did this last year and it worked great! Basically you just create set riding days and whoever can make it, shows up, and you ride. There may be 2 riders, there may be 20. Whos to say! :rolleyes:

Ours is as follows:
These rides are going to begin on Tuesday April 22nd! Be There!
Type of ride: ROAD
When: TUESDAY/FRIDAY @ 5:30PM [After day light savings of course]
Where: Starting @ East Boulder Recreation Center
55th and S. Boulder RD. (go north on 55th)
Intensity: Varies according to group

My hope is that this thread will provide a group ride for everyday of the week in some location in the city. So if you have a group that meets on a regular basis, POST EM UP!:D

Note admins: if this thread works out could you please make it sticky for easy availability. Thank you.;)

jsharr 04-16-08 02:16 PM

MODS NOTE: This thread has been cleaned up at the request of the OP. In order to help riders find weekly rides, please post only details of scheduled rides here.

Rebscott 04-19-09 07:40 PM

Gunnison, Colorado
Sunday's 11:00 a.m.
Road Ride
Meet at intersection of highways 50 and 149.
Nine Mile Hill at unbelievable (or any) pace. Rinse. Repeat.

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