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DougG 07-19-13 07:25 AM

Omaha area paved trails
I'm going to be staying in Omaha for a couple weeks in early August while my wife takes care of some business and will be looking for things to do. I'm going to take some biking gear with me and did locate a place where I can rent a bike for a day or two. Given my limited knowledge and comfort level out there I'll probably rent a hybrid and stick to paved MUP-type routes.

So are there any recommendations? I'm somewhat aware of the Big Papio trail and I think I ran on it a few years ago. I see that there's also a Keystone Trail and some trails along the river as well as over in Council Bluffs. By the way, we'll be staying at my sister-in-law's condo, which is in the vicinity of 90th and Blondo if that's any help.

Of course, if the weather there is like it's been around here this week, I'll probably just be looking for indoor activities!

SabreMan 07-19-13 08:15 AM

Check out

Glenn in Omaha

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