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Pynchonite 07-31-13 06:57 PM

SLC Group Rides
So yep, moved to SLC, and I'm looking for some good beginnerish-to-intermediate weekly group rides. Whatcha got?

divide_by_0 07-31-13 10:43 PM

Many of the bike shops run a Saturday and/or Sunday ride... In about what area are you?

Pynchonite 08-02-13 12:02 PM

South of I-80, near Millcreek and Murray (I think- still getting the hang of it).

divide_by_0 08-05-13 06:32 AM

Bicycle Center and Guthrie are on about 7th east (7 blocks east of State Street; typically considered the center (north/south)) and 2100 south. that's probably pretty close. I have dealt with both quite a bit; more with Guthrie, but I have been happy with both shops. Farther north is Contender; one of my favorites. They are up on 9th south and 9th east. I know they do rides almost every Sunday morning. Farther south (by me), is Revolution and Canyon; both do regular group rides as well.

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