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doublegg66 08-16-13 11:06 PM

need help with a route from pringle,S.D to anywhere-have seven days off.
leaving Chadron,NE,the 14th of Sept,and plan to park and start riding from Pringle.Don't have to be back on the job till the 21st-any suggestions for a nice ride through the black hills-I can comfortably do 50 miles in hilly terrain a day-I will be self supported/camping.

colorado dale 08-17-13 08:45 PM

first 2 days are easy mickelson trail south to Edgemont and back and north to hill city and back

doublegg66 08-18-13 07:05 AM

have done that section of the Mic-nice ride but not much on scenery-Hill city and keystone are a gotta-do,suppose I'll wing it,and have the bride come find me if I run out of return time!

divide_by_0 08-18-13 09:08 PM

I envy you... that's a BEAUTIFUL area. I spent my grade-school years there (about 20+ years ago) and would LOVE a week to enjoy my bike in that area!

valygrl 08-21-13 06:26 AM

First, wander around in the Mt Rushmore park - I think I did Iron Mountain Road, it was a long time ago and I don't have a map of what I did. It was really seriously hilly. SInce it's September, traffic should be lighter than summer. The roads are narrow and winding, and the scenery is good. Then go out thru Keystone, north to Leed on 285 (deceptively hilly), then west & north on hwy 14 thru Spearfish Canyon (gorgeous!, camping!) into Spearfish. From there, you can go towards Belle Fourche then take hwy 24 to Devils Tower (camp at the Tower Lodge, maybe, call Frank and ask, or the KOA just outside the park). From there - not sure the best way to get back.

doublegg66 08-21-13 06:50 AM

all are great suggestions and yes,I love living so close to the black hills-makes for great riding.

a77impala 08-27-13 03:51 PM

Spearfish Canyon, start from Spearfish, ride to Cheyenne Crossing eat at the cafe there and coast back to Spearfish. Scenery is fantastic!

one_beatnik 10-17-13 08:40 AM

So how did it go??? I'm dying to ride that area. I've done it on motorcycle a few times. Now for the real bike!!

doublegg66 10-21-13 07:58 PM

I had an awesome trip,decided to start in Hill city,and spent three days wandering up the Mic to Deadwood and back,Can't wait for next years time off!

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