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kevmk81 09-12-13 09:04 AM

Hannibal MO
I have a job offer and could be relocating to Hannibal, MO.

Can anyone chime in on what the cycling culture is like in that town/area?

bbbean 09-12-13 10:41 AM

I stay on Hannibal a few times a year, and typicaly see a FEW bikers while I'm there. Looks like it'd be a great place - good mix of manageable hills and flats, lots of "Share the Road" posted highways, and a few god places to eat.

sknhgy 10-24-13 11:45 AM

You can't beat lightly used rural roads for cycling. Just be polite to the locals. Don't needlessly "assert" your rights and you'll get along fine out in the country.

JerrySTL 10-24-13 12:02 PM

Looks like Map My Ride has some routes listed.

There's the Mississippi River Trail.

Not all that far from Quincy, Illinois which has a good bike club.

Lots of rides around St. Louis.

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