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HawkOwl 09-28-13 06:33 PM

VeloSwap Worth The Hassle?
Just received some info on the VeloSwap in Denver. I'll be visiting Denver then. Is it worth adjusting my schedule to attend?

colorado dale 10-11-13 06:20 PM

IMHO unless you are on a mission to buy xxx NO I've went once I was on a misson for new wheels
it was worth it. if you are considering buying a custom bike then definitely lots of bike builders you can talk to

if you're not on a mission you get some socks and a few others things at a discount but by the time you factor in the admission cost you probably
didn't save anything

Bontrager 12-14-13 11:32 AM

The VeloSwap was a little more "commercial" this year. People weren't willing to dealing as much as past years so it wasn't worth it buying something from 2 states away only to save a few $ when I could buy local.

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