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DnvrFox 10-26-13 10:06 PM

5 minute Video - Sulphur Gukch Trail - Parker, CO
The Sulphur Gulch Trail is a spur off of the Cherry Creek Trail - which goes from Castlewood Canyon State Park in the far south metro area north west to Downtown Denver (about 30 miles) and then joins the Platte River Trail, giving options to the west, south, east and north equaling about 100 miles or so, with hardly ever a street crossing.

For you Floridians, this video contains several miles of uphill - don't freak out!!

I hope you enjoy this 5 minute video. I enjoyed making it.

EricL 10-30-13 08:20 PM

Enjoyed your video. Didn't realize how developed the trail system is down there now. Thanks.

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