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Chandne 11-11-13 10:48 AM

Flattish rides from the 470/Ken Caryl area
Hi guys, I am getting back into cycling after a bit of a hiatus, and have been doing shorter (20-22 mile) rides from my house off 470 and Ken Caryl. The one I do is on the 470 path to the Bear Creek area golf course and back with ~1,400 feet of climbing. I want to build a base before the tougher climbs like High Grade/Deer Creek. If I go south/east on that 470 bike path, I guess I could add a few more miles, right? I'd rather not ride on crowded roads so bike paths and more deserted/wide roads are what I seek. So if I take that 470 bike path and go right, are there other routes besides just staying on that path? If I stay on that path, where does it end?

Once I build up a good base, I'll venture out on Meetups and other group rides where I can hang, and not slow people down while still riding at a decent pace. Thanks.

mje 11-12-13 12:18 AM

You have lots of bike paths around to choose from, all with relatively little elevation change: 470, platte, bear creek, cherry creek. Denvrfox should be by shortly with a map.

southlogan 11-12-13 06:51 AM

Go under C470 into Chatfield State Park. The road through the park is good and not much traffic. Also cut over and take Deer Creek Canyon Rd. from Wadsworth up to Deer Creek Park - it's pretty and the shoulder is good most of the way. If you feel like doing a little bit of climbing you can then take Valley Rd. back up to Ken Caryl.

Chandne 11-12-13 07:30 AM

Thanks! Will try this one first. I think I take the 470 path and then cut over onto Wadsworth to Chatfield. I bet it will give me some decent mileage. ill also wait for Denvrfox's map...or look for it later though his posts.

southlogan 11-12-13 07:32 AM

Don't take Wadsworth. Follow the trail until you see where a tunnel goes under 470. Go through the tunnel and it takes you right into the park.

southlogan 11-12-13 07:33 AM is a good site for mapping out rides.

Chandne 11-12-13 10:08 AM

Thanks for the info, southlogan. Much appreciated. I think I will take tomorrow off, and try a long ride.

mje 11-12-13 05:42 PM

Here's a long ride for you. Follow 470 S and E until it ends at the Cherry Creek trail. Go north on CC to Confluence Park. (See the threads in this forum about routes to cross Arapahoe.) Head south from Confluence on the Platte trail. After you cross under Hampden, continue straight for the Bear Creek trail instead of following the Platte trail where it turns left across the bridge. Follow the Bear Creek trail to Bear Creek Lake Park. You can find your way home from there. It'll be about 80-85 miles.

colorado dale 11-13-13 07:17 PM

stop at a LBS and get a Denver bicycle touring club greater Denver bicycling map for around $6
it will show paths and recommended off path routes the c470/platte /bear creek loop is 30 ish
to avoid most of crowds on platte you can use platte canyon trail and ride back roads thru a golfing community to the tennis bubble
pick up the platte river trail where it runs on both sides north on platte to bear creek trail take it whole way to c470 Note the Denver bicycle touring club has "FUN" rides as long as you wear helmet you can join them for 2 rides to explore area (they also have lower level leisure/roses, and 2 levels above FUN, INT and ROAD. start with FUN if you're bored with spped on one ride but learn a new route you still win)

Chandne 11-14-13 09:25 PM

Great info...thanks! Will pick up the map as well, and refer to these routes. Did one yesterday- from my house in the Ken Caryl Valley, I took 470 and after missing the tunnel to Chatfield, I backtracked and found it, rode through Titan Road, Waterton Canyon road, Wadworth, Deer Creek, and back home- 38.5 miles. Was about all I could handle, but will try 50+ miles on Saturday. Still weak and did not push too hard. Took me 2.5 hrs and logged 1,600 feet of climbing. Fun ride! After I build a base, I'll add Highgrade and back through Deer Creek to this and see if I can add 20-30 miles and another 3,000 feet. Oh, I always wear a helmet...always.

DnvrFox 11-15-13 10:43 PM

I'm HERE!! :lol: I was on vacation for a couple of weeks with no inet or email. Here is a map (it is getting a bit outdated, but is useful, anyways.)

Chandne 11-16-13 08:57 AM

Thanks! Going to eat a big breakfast, and then attempt a 50-miler from the house. Will go up 470 to Bear Creek, then backtrack and head to Chatfield again. Then I will probably take Titan and Waterton (the only way I currently know) to Wadsworth and Deer Creek. Will check mileage and decide if I should ride home or get a few more miles to hit 50+. I better get enough hydration/food ready. Will be another great day!

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