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DnvrFox 12-16-13 09:38 PM

UPDATE: Arapahoe Road Shoulde Near Jordan
Terrible - the widening was so they could move traffic to the right, leaving NO room for bicycles - I got caught there.

Good news - the bridge through the soccer fields is fixed.

Squeeze 12-27-13 11:51 AM

Howdy neighbor. I know that intersection as it's near my office. I've been known to hit the Jimmy John's drive-through at that intersection at lunch.

What soccer fields are near there? Just curious what bridge you mean. Is it a bike bridge that goes anywhere useful/fun?

I've probably seen them/it but never paid attention as I'm usually in my car when I'm over that way instead of on the bike where things can be seen and enjoyed at a slower pace.

mje 12-29-13 01:44 PM

Squeeze 12-30-13 10:34 AM

Thanks jme.

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