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eofelis 03-09-14 09:52 AM

Grand Junction Colorado Road Cycling Maps webpage
If you are traveling to Grand Junction, in western Colorado, and you have your road bike with you there is some great road cycling there.
You can check out this web page full of helpful maps of all the great road rides in the Grand Valley.

Ride the Colorado National Monument's Rim Rock Drive, The Grand Mesa, the Fruita farms routes, and Palisade's Wine and Fruit loop.

Grand Junction Road Cycling Maps

(I'm posting this because these maps used to hosted at a previous website and they have recently been moved to this new website.)

Also check out the Facebook page for Grand Junction road cycling updates and information.

celticfrost 03-11-14 10:26 AM

Whoah -- excellent! Thank you.

Dalai 03-12-14 03:10 AM

Glad to see these maps are still available. :thumb:

Spent quite some time looking at these as I planned my USA trip last year and found them invaluable! In the end I only rode both sides of the Grand Mesa one day before continuing East, so didn't get to sample all the other rides...

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