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garysol1 09-23-08 08:05 PM

photonick.....user requested.

garysol1 09-23-08 08:32 PM

macbeth......user requested

garysol1 09-27-08 05:44 PM

Virginmobile - spammer permanent

Sixty Fiver 09-28-08 09:57 PM

gogogogo - posted a rickroll and also asked to be banned.

garysol1 09-29-08 03:08 PM

williams1..spammer. perm.

fuzzbox 09-30-08 08:02 PM Created another account after a ban

Juha 10-02-08 01:22 AM

aviad, spammer, permanent ban.

garysol1 10-02-08 05:37 AM

iwico........spammer perm

garysol1 10-03-08 08:33 PM


jaxgtr 10-05-08 04:13 PM

User: MadeInItaly
Length: 7 day auto ban for 3rd infraction
Reason: Trolling.

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Tom Stormcrowe 10-05-08 09:42 PM

ovvoleg, puppet for ovoleg, red beast, etc.....

Returned under new ID while under ban, permanent.

Juha 10-06-08 03:15 AM

Spamming 101 has apparently completed this morning. Users jitendra kumar, bobmike143 and lewismark87 banned permanently for disturbingly similar spam posts.

Additionally, bobmike and lewismark are each other's sock puppets :rolleyes:. Swarm of locusts sent their way.


Dannihilator 10-07-08 09:09 AM

ball bearings: Banned Permanently, sock puppet of Pete Fagerlin who is also permanently banned.

garysol1 10-07-08 01:49 PM


Dannihilator 10-08-08 10:08 PM


khunningstunt: Banned permanently- pete puppet.

jaxgtr 10-10-08 06:10 PM

User: BigBris1
Reason: Trolling, Threatening other members
Period: 7 Day auto ban, 3rd infraction

garysol1 10-13-08 05:10 PM

Son of ronex....Very rude comments towards the forum.

Brian 10-13-08 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by garysol1 (Post 7658725)
Son of ronex....Very rude comments towards the forum.

No one else can see that, but that's ok. Definitely not appropriate.

Tom Stormcrowe 10-13-08 08:24 PM

No sense torturing folk, I removed the link ;)

garysol1 10-13-08 08:26 PM

I forgot this was a public forum..:) The link was simply a reference for us.

Siu Blue Wind 10-17-08 01:12 PM

Tarmac Dude
auto ban
7 days

Tom Stormcrowe 10-17-08 04:57 PM

Made in Italy, 10 days, inappropriate language

jaxgtr 10-21-08 02:58 PM

User: SiLVERFOXX, silverfoxx 2
Length: Permanent
Reason: Trolling on being a bike thief.

Siu Blue Wind 10-21-08 10:15 PM

sock of a sock of a sock

Sixty Fiver 10-22-08 10:53 PM

Gayest Man Alive - 7 day ban pending further review.


Insulting forum member
Posting confidential PM
Bypassing word filters.

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