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Tom Stormcrowe 11-05-08 12:23 AM

Political Signatures and Avatars
Now that the election is over, it's time to put away the political sigs and avatars, folks. The disruption and complaints about them make a lot of work for the staff and they are in violation of the guidelines.

Given how much emotion has been tied up in this election, on all sides of the issue, we arrived at a compromise solution by allowing positive I Support <Insert your candidate> avatars or sigs. This was an exception though to allow you to express your wishes for the nation and it's course.

This is, after all, first and foremost, a Bicycle Forum. We try to stay apolitical. It's been a wild ride in this election, and my Moderator and Administration staff and I do thank you for your efforts to keep civil about it, great job, everyone!

So, lets all go back to our regular business, discussing cycling, and everything associated with it, and take down those sigs and avatars over the next week. Thanks,

Tom Stormcrowe
Forum Administrator

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