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Nikity 07-27-13 04:48 AM

LOST/STOLEN BIKE! Red and White Strada, Gramercy Manhatan NYC
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I know this isn't a a sharing bike but someone stole my bike near Baruch (Gramercy/Flatiron area) a few days ago (July 24th around noon). If anyone sees it and is kind enough to notify me, my number is 646-801-9004.

It's a Strada bike, white frame, white seat, white wheels, black handles, and red rims. It's a small build, 49cm, fits around 5'3"-5'6", stand over height 30inches. There's also a lot of stickers on it (not shown in the picture), mostly white/black/red ones.

Thank you so much!

davemac204 08-06-13 09:26 PM

$250 reward: Stolen in Seattle 8/6 - Red Kinetic Sprint S/N ESL 12213 - see picture.
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Should be easy to spot, not a lot of them. I loved this bike. Stolen from the Montlake/520 bike parking lot between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM today, Aug 6.

[email protected]

CommuteCommando 08-29-13 01:41 PM

Bike stolen from SoCal Metrolink
Yesterday,8/28/13, on Metrolink train 602 southbound someone stole a carbon Scattante w/Ultegra components off the bike car with a half dozen people (including the moron posting this:eek:) watching. Here is how it went down. I was talking to someone when I heard a noise, looked down to the other side of the car to see that a bike had fallen over. The guy who owned the bike was sitting next to it and went to pick it up when some other guy pulled the Scattante that was under it and walked right off the train. The guy I was talking to said "hey. I think that guy just stole that bike".

Here is what we pieced together. A$$wipe knocked over the first bike-a Cannondale Evo-to see if the owner was near by. When that bikes owner revealed himself, the dirtbag went for the bike under it. This was all timed to coincide with the train pulling into the station (Laguna Niguel).

One witness said the thief had boarded the train at Anaheim station and was asking him questions about his bike. He was also carrying a set of MTB handlebars he was trying to sell. The witness said the guy seemed shady, and it was this witness who noticed, too late, the bike being taken off the train as the doors closed.

Anyone who has ridden the trains knows the protocol is that once those doors close and the train starts rolling, they don't stop for anything short of hitting something. The thief obviously knew this too since he timed it to be off the train just as the doors closed.

I will post more details later after I get a chance to speak to the witness again to get a description of the thief, and get a better description of the bike from the victim.

Watch Craigslist list for Ultegra parts, as parting bikes seems to be this [email protected]#%#$'s MO. He dropped the MTB bars were he grabbed the bike.

nb2269 09-01-13 06:46 PM

Stolen De Rosa SL with Campagnolo Chorus
Joined this forum in my continuing search for my bike, stolen from my garage late last summer. I didn't see a section devoted to stolen bikes so I'm posting here. I hope that's alright.

Purchased new from La Bicycletta on Broadway in Vancouver in 1988
Stolen from my garage on Balsam between 5th & 6th, late August or early September 2012

De Rosa 56cm frame made with Columbus SL tubing
pearl white with dark blue, medium blue, and light blue trim stipes and red heart on head tube
chrome plated forks and chain stays (fork plating has started blistering and peeling)
sloping fork crown with recessed hearts in crown casting
chain peg missing from bottom inside right seat stay (factory omission)
paint rubbed off inside of left chain stay from tire rubbing when wheel was knocked askew during a hard ride

Campagnolo Chorus (classic) group set for most components
Campagnolo Croce d'Aune front and rear derailleurs
Campagnolo Chorus Monoplanar brake calipers
Campagnolo Chorus Profit clipless pedals
Campagnolo Chorus crank set (42-53 chain rings)
Regina America 6-speed freewheel (13-14-15-17-19-21 sprockets) with light weight chain (hollow link rivets)
Campagnolo Chorus hubs
Mavic clincher rims anodized blue with machined braking surfaces
Alpina aero-section spokes (small A embossed onto each spoke head)
Michelin tires and tubes fitted when stolen (both tubes have patches)

Selle San Marco Rolls white leather saddle
white handle bar tap wrapped around hidden brake cables
white brake lever hoods
friction shift levers mounted on down tube

Vetta wire less cyclocomputer was removed to change the battery and is still in my possession
Vetta wheel speed sensor was still secured to right fork leg when bike was stolen
Vetta computer mount was still secured to right handle bar when bike was stolen

View photos here:

ChromeSE5 09-03-13 09:23 AM

Stolen Bikes and Police Notices
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Dear cycling community,

I have a favor to ask of you guys. I know a few threads pop up everywhere about stolen bikes and can you please find mine and be on the look out... I need your guys' help in finding my cousin's bike. The story behind the bike is that it was his dad's bike before he passed away during a triathlon. My cousin was going to do a triathlon on the same bike in honor of his father. Unfortunately over the past weekend, the bicycle was stolen from their garage in the San Pedro area.

The bike is a yellow specialized allez with a Reynolds carbon fork. We are currently cruising through craigslist looking for it. If you find the bike or have a clue about its whereabouts, please message me.

I appreciate all of you who took the time to read this. I know that recovering a stolen bike in California is like finding water in a desert but I'm hoping this might become a feel good story on KTLA.


Tom Stormcrowe 12-23-13 12:50 AM

red and black Fuji men's bike. Set up as a skinny tire cruiser, 1987 model frame. ST Lucie County, Fl.

Contact the site admin with info, the owner is a friend. tom at bikeforums . net or [email protected]

sean11225 01-17-14 03:44 PM

Stolen - surly cross-check, dark blue - nyc

I am posting this thread asking for help locating my Surly Cross-Check. This was my daily commuter + touring bike.

It was stolen from the street on Gramercy Park East in Manhattan between 20th and 21st streets around 1 PM on Thursday, 1-16-2014. The frame was locked to scaffolding with a U-lock and a cable lock threaded through the wheels. The Kryptonite Evolution U-lock was cut in half and left on the ground.

Frame is dark blue, has a well-worn Brooks professional saddle, 700 x 42c continental cross-ride tires, Ultegra triple chain-ring in the front, egg-beater pedals, and Mavic a319 wheelset.

Thanks for the help.

Here is a link to the post on Bike Watch:

sk0tt 01-17-14 07:51 PM

Hi, sorry about your bike, just wondering if you can claim on the warranty since the lock was left behind.

Myosmith 01-17-14 08:31 PM

May the thief leap upon his ill-gotten bike only to find a moment too late that some other POS has stolen the seat :thumb:

PhotoJoe 11-03-14 06:18 PM

Posted for mulleady


Originally Posted by mulleady (Post 17269952) this lovely bike was stolen from a locked and secure custom shed in my back garden 2 nights ago. If anyone sees it online please PM me. It had the Pacific rear carrier (black) as well. Otherwise the pictures are as per this old thread below:
I also had a 2 month old Cannondale Rush 29 1 2014 stolen

Very sad and feel violated too :-(

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