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Tom Stormcrowe 02-23-13 09:51 AM

Trek Recall

2012 Trek Bicycles
Bicycle Models Included:

7.5 FX including WSD and Disc models

7.4 FX including WSD models

7.3 FX including WSD and Disc models

7.2 FX including WSD models

Livestrong FX including WSD models

Livestrong District


2012 model year sold from June 2011 through August 2011
Model name is on the bicycle frame.
The bolt that secures the seat saddle clamp to the seat post can break posing a
fall hazard to consumers.
Stop riding the bicycle immediately and
Take your bicycle to your dealer for inspection and repair.
For questions, contact Trek at the recall hotline:
In Cooperation with the U.S. Consumer
Product Safety Commission Post Until: February 27, 2012
Saddle Clamp Bolt
on Seat Pos
t for
Specified Trek
Bicycles Listed

johnny99 02-23-13 11:41 AM

fyi - the date on this poster is Feb 2012. The recall was actually made in October 2011. The recalls forum is usually pretty current on these things:

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