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mjco04 05-28-13 02:26 PM

Maine Lighthouse Century Ride
Hello. Has anyone done this event before? It is on Sept 9th I think. I found out about this because it was feature on's article on the Scenic Century events to do.

I would love to do this and make it a Maine weekend.

daf1009 08-20-13 06:11 AM

Hi MJCO04..I am planning on doing this ride this year...I have not done it before, but did do a good bit of riding in NH/ME when I lived there...and it is ALWAYS a beautiful ride...I encourage you to try it out.

mjco04 08-22-13 01:40 PM

Sadly I will have to defer this event. I will be doing the NYC Century 75 mile distance the same weekend. Hope you enjoy the ride and post some pictures!!!

daf1009 09-07-13 06:14 PM

It was a great ride!

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