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aztimm 07-18-13 06:14 PM

Camphill Challenge (PA)
Has anyone done this before?

Looks like the 100 is new this year, and of course I'm thinking of doing it. Anyone know that area, what the roads are like, elevation/climbs? Do they close roads for cyclists, or is it more of a, "here's a map...go!"

HigherGround 07-22-13 10:44 PM

I did a shorter version of this ride a few years ago. It was definitely a smaller event, so it is a "show and go" rather than a mass start or one with road marshaling. I remember the course was moderately hilly, but not excruciating. It was well marked, very rural, and scenic. The roads weren't bad for Pennsylvania which, admittedly, sets the bar rather low (though no fault of the organizers). I'm just saying that AZ may have better roads, and these may be sub par compared to what you're used to.

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