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Badger6 08-18-13 06:18 AM

Three Creek Century (Carlisle, PA)
If you aren't sure where Carlisle is near the intersection of I-76 and I-81, about 20 miles west of Harrisburg. From Philly or DC it is about 2 hours, and 3 from Pittsburg, according to Google.

The goods. The Harrisburg Bicycle Club hosts a very well supported century based out of Carlisle every September. This year the ride is on Sunday, September 15. I am late posting this, as the early registration closed on the 15th, but there are still entries available in advance, $25 until August 30th and $30 after August 31st. Riders under age 18 are $5. Walk ups are usually available as well. For all of the details on the ride, check out their site:

The course provides three loops, all originating in Letort Park, in downtown Carlisle. Two 25 milers, and a 50 miler. None is terribly hilly, though one of the 25s is flatter than the other, and the 50 has some good roll in it. For cue sheets and GPX or TCX files, click the "Routes" tab on the ride's site.

I am signed up with some other folks I know here in DC and a couple of guys we know in Carlisle. Anyone else signed up or planning to sign up?

Badger6 09-05-13 06:22 AM

10 days to go. Any other takers? Hoping for good weather...

NJgreyhead 09-06-13 07:14 PM

OK, yeah, this looks like a good chance for me to explore new territory. So thanks. I'm 2 hours away and watching the weather too.

Badger6 09-09-13 03:42 AM


Originally Posted by NJgreyhead (Post 16039267)
OK, yeah, this looks like a good chance for me to explore new territory. So thanks. I'm 2 hours away and watching the weather too.

Just checked the wx, it looks like high 50s at start, and a high of mid-70s in the afternoon, with 0% chance of rain. It's going to be a great ride.

Badger6 09-13-13 09:50 PM

Just talked to a friend that lives in Carlisle, the wx is set to be absolutely awesome on Sunday. If you have registered, hopefully we cross paths! If you have no plans, and have yet to register, check the website, walk-ups should still be allowed. This is a great ride. See you all there!

bonnev659 09-15-13 11:14 AM

how was it? I was looking at doing this but forgot all about it to just now

Badger6 09-16-13 04:44 AM

It was a good ride. It was cold (44 degrees) when I took off at 7:30, but it warmed fairly quickly. After I signed up for the ride, I was informed I also was headed to Carlisle to do some work for a week, starting yesterday, so I couldn't do the whole ride...but I did the 50 mile loop. There is a good amount of roll, but not so much that it is overly taxing. There are several spots early in the 50 miler where the views are absolutely spectacular, and there is an optional 7.5 mile loop up to Kings Gap, which offers a good climb, not steep, long gaining about 750 feet over 3.25 miles to the top (I've done it before, not yesterday). The paceline I was in maintained a 16.5 mph pace, completing the 50 mile loop in just over 3 hours.

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