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johnlink 06-22-18 09:33 AM

Manhattan to Norwalk, CT
Here's a link to the route I've created from my home to Norwalk, CT. Do you see any problems with it? I know itís fine in Manhattan but after that I have no idea.

John Link

davlafont 06-25-18 08:26 AM

If you're comfortable riding in the city on any and all streets, your route works. It looks like you are, since you've chosen to head up Amsterdam Ave. and then across on Fordham Road. (Many people are not, so I don't assume.) In that case, all routes that don't go underwater or on Interstate Highways are fair game and yours clearly gets you where you want to go.

Also, consider (or share with us) what your goals for the trip are. My first instinct was to see if you're following the East Coast Greenway route. It's easy to check with RWG by switching the map to OSM Cycle. The ECG (and all other greenways) are clearly highlighted so its a quick comparison to make. I see there are a few spots where you go different than the ECG, which is designed to be a scenic and bike friendly as possible. Take a look at New Rochelle where the ECG markings indicate you might be routed against a one-way street.

IvyGodivy 07-23-18 07:07 AM

As someone that lives in CT, just curious as to why Norwalk is your destination?

That is going to be a long trip.

UniChris 07-23-18 09:39 AM

Originally Posted by IvyGodivy (Post 20463926)
That is going to be a long trip.

I'd argue if it's long or not depends largely on the conditions you find. I don't think I'd personally be comfortable with what I'd imagine I'd find, but distance wise it's less than doing the whole trail through Westchester and Putnam counties, or lots of apparently popular road ride loops on on the Hudson. And it's hard to imagine any distance ride with more frequent opportunities to bail out to train service that allows bikes outside peak hours.

davlafont 07-24-18 08:37 AM

Originally Posted by IvyGodivy (Post 20463926)
As someone that lives in CT, just curious as to why Norwalk is your destination?

That is going to be a long trip.

Meh. I'm no Randonneur, but a 54-miler doesn't seem to be especially long. Psychologically it's long journey (Norwalk? That's way the f out in Connecticut!). I just rode from uptown Manhattan through Queens and "out" to Glen Cove, Long Island. Psychologically, that seemed like an epic journey (I drive out there on the highway often). In reality, 30 miles is 30 miles. The stop lights in the city are what made it long.

Lots of riders knock out metric centuries for Sunday morning exercise. At 54 miles, the OP might be headed to his mom's house for a late brunch.

IvyGodivy 07-26-18 07:17 AM

Either way, if you come to CT and notify me days in advance and willing to, I will meet you and go for rides.

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